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    real name Bartosz Rakowski
    functions 2d & 3d graphican, webmaster, organizer
    info he's graphican. he's designer. he's nice

    real name Sebastian Chain
    functions coder
    info another coder, another story. a boy with a mission to complete - finish his first demo without finishing himself. we keep our fingers crossed - best of luck, pal.

    real name Kostas Brzezinski
    functions 3d graphican, txt writer, webmaster, organizer
    info his enourmous ATARI-mania has overwhelmed him. he would like to become a lawyer, but lawyers aren't being adored that much, so
he decided to let the law wait... and do some pub crawlin' in the meantime.

    real name Marek Kusmierz
    functions musican
    info [ censored ]

    real name Katarzyna Kaczynska
    functions 2d graphican, morale devastator
    info she's a girl. quite mysterious girl. she says she has something to breathe with...

    real name Jakub Mizgiert
    functions musican
    info a man with a sword, with a worrior mode on. marsmellow's most terriyfing member. just look on his face - i bet you feel like your knees are shaking. and that's just a beginning. those eyes... boy, you wouldn't like to meet him after midnight.

    real name ?
    functions txt writer
    info [ censored ]
    Mr. Byte        

    real name Maciej Chojnacki
    functions txt writer
    info well, this one had become a lawyer. "phew!" you would say. but take the following point into consideration: the commercial code is the ultimate code of the universe. in the way of logical
analysis you will come to a conclusion that Mr Byte is one of the best coders in poland.

    real name Mikołaj Kuik
    functions musican, ascii maker
    info he does quite nice paper & ascii logos. he does some color things with his handspray. and he looks like he could write some good text. gotta get to know him too.

    real name Paweł Krzyzaniak
    functions coder, organizer
    info he loves making easy things very difficult. he loves making your brand new blazingly fast pc running like a slow cowshit. saying it simply, he does code. he does opengl. he does love beer, female forms and parties, where the music is loud enough for ceilings to collapse.

    real name Piotr Brendel
    functions coder
    info what we can say about him? well... he's just a coder. nothing more. he is just another programmist - a miserable human being that does
nothing more than sitting in front of computer & thinks about nothing more than c++ and assembler. he is lost for human society.

    real name Mariusz Skrzypczyński
    functions 3d graphican
    info [ censored ]


    real name Krzysztof Deoniziak
    functions 2d graphican
    info [ censored ]


    real name Wojtek Pydynowski
    functions txt writer, swapper
    info [ censored ]
    location Ul. Rzepakowa 8
13-200 Dzialdowo, Poland
phone: [0-23] 697 31 95

    real name Krzysztof Nowak
    functions musican
    info if you once noticed some guitar slinger yelling at someone's window, that's our great musician for sure. he declares his religion doesn't allow him to eat meat on fridays, but he'd appreciate a brand new hot chick every week to play with him
(with fast tracker, of course).

    real name Filip S.
    functions musican
    info his life seems to be a schematic loop. (sleep, ft2, sleep..) isn't that strange!?
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