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...One Group to rule them all,
One Group to find them,
One Group to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them,
In the Land of Posen where the Shadows lie.

Our main goal is to (hey, what the fuck are we going to do ?!) produce high quality demos and crazy demos in order to rule the world. After the world will have been taken over by Marsmellow, we will drink vodka and celebrate loudly & proudly.
Become familiar with our great cool guyz. They're the most exciting team ever formed, and no other members of no other group are able to generate such beautiful mandelbrot's sets in such short period of time.

ostatnia aktualizacja: 04.01.2002

Grupa nieaktywna.
Strona nieaktualizowana, pozostawiona na pamiątke.

We greet:
3state, addict, aion, altair, amnesty, anadune, appendix, aural planet, blasphemy, bomb, calodox, clasp, cryogen, damage, distort waves, elitegroup, exceed, excreate, exmortis, exodus, farbrausch, factory, fairlight, floppy, freelancers, grape, haujobb, hdd, inf, interror, kolor, legacy, madwizards, moonflow, nah kolor,, paradigm, paradox, popsy team, razor 1911, reason, replay,, scoopex, scream, sunflower, suspend,
team ex tempore, the grid, taquart, thelo0p, tpolm, vague records, veezya, zone 51,
& all scene groups...
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