msm's life (PL)  

  • 28.o9.2oo1
    Our group was born. Name of the group was selected in the way of voting.
  • 1o.1o.2oo1
    Biter relased first productions under sign-board of Marsmellow.
  • 18.10.2oo1
    Skuter joined as a musician.
  • 2o.12.2oo1
    Kasha joined as graphic artist, Ninja joined as a ascii/graphic artist/musician

  • 28.12.2oo1
    ChEbdo joined as a coder.
  • 22.o3.2oo2
    Kopernik joined as a musician.
  • 2o.o6.2oo2
    Pienia joined as a coder.
  • 26.o6.2oo2
    Campo joined as a raytracer.
  • o1.o7.2oo2
    Szuko was kicked.
  • 28.11.2oo2
    Schizoos joined as a swapper/txt-writer, Pyo as a raytracer.
  • 13.o1.2oo3
    Campo left us.
  • o8.o4.2oo3
    Dakota joined as a musician
  • 16.o9.2oo3
    Rork joined as a graphic artist.
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